Build your product with confidence

Learn a proven step by step approach to build a successful digital product following the Lean Startup methodology as a foundation. We’ll cover the different phases of the product development process, Discovery, Design and Delivery. You’ll learn what the steps in this process are, you’ll learn what the critical points in this journey are, and you’ll learn how to make the right decisions during this process.

  • Increase significantly chance to achieve product market fit

  • Learn how to build an MVP, cheaper, with better quality and with higher chance to succeed

  • Learn techniques and best practices from most successful tech companies

A Lean Startup Guide to build an MVP

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Course content overview

    1. Introduction

    2. The product lifecycle

    3. Lean Startup

    4. Quiz: Basic concepts

    5. Minimum Viable Product

    6. Common MVP pitfalls

    7. MVP real world examples

    8. The process from idea to product market fit

    9. Download resources

    10. Quiz: MVP example case

    1. Introduction

    2. Pick a niche

    3. Understand the problem

    4. Some user research techniques

    5. Evaluate opportunity

    6. Download resources

    7. Quiz: Niche and their needs

    1. Introduction

    2. The essence of.a Product Strategy

    3. The Kano model

    4. Define your product strategy through example

    5. Principles of a good product strategy

    6. Quiz: Product strategy

    7. Download resources

    1. Introduction

    2. Select your MVP type

    3. Mobile app, web app, or PWA

    4. Define key technical principles

    5. Customer software, COTS, low-code development

    6. Build or buy a software platform

    7. Quiz: Key product decisions

    8. Download resources

    1. Introduction

    2. How to describe the product

    3. User stories

    4. Prioritising user stories

    5. Download resources

    6. Quiz: Build an outcome-driven roadmap

About this course

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  • 71 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Build your product with confidence

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“Great course! It is well-structured and covers all the crucial aspects of building a product. It has a good balance of theory and practical examples, which makes it easy to follow. I wish I had watched this course before I was building my first product, so I would recommend it to anyone building a product.”


“This is a great course for anyone that wants to develop a product - digital or not. What hooked me was that it takes you through the whole process, from the stage of ideation of the product to its market placement. The guides and principles are clear and beautifully laid out, that they are easy to follow and can be applied in various fields and industries. I would recommend this course anytime!”

Biljana SR

“This is very clearly laid out, so someone with next-to-no knowledge can understand. I feel much more confident in building an MVP now, and less like I am chasing my tail trying to understand the industry jargon. I'd definitely recommend it, and I'll be buying more courses from Enlighten for sure.”


“This course is fantastic. Not only that I learned a lot about building an MVP, The instructor also sounds excellent and it's fun to listen to, The content looks good and is of high quality. Well done!”

Neriya R


Dr. Marina Stojanovski

Product & Tech Advisor

Marina is a product & technology advisor, and a teacher, with more than a decade of experience in product development, strategy and engineering. Marina has assisted 100+ organisations to build better technology products, from startups building their first product, scale-ups in their fast pace growth stage, as well as large enterprises. Clients and students appreciate Enlighten for the in-dept knowledge, practical thinking skills, and the ability to explain abstract concepts in a simple manner. Marina has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Twente, the Netherlands.


  • Who is this course for?

    The course is designed with an entrepreneur in mind, particularly technology startups. The course, however, is beneficial for anyone who is involved in the product development process in any way, for example product managers who want to build better products or software engineers who want to understand how the most successful product companies build products that customers love.

  • What skill level do I need to successfully follow the course?

    Students with and without technical experience have found this course highly valuable and easy to follow. No technology background is required. It is however preferred to have some basic understanding of business and technology.

  • What can I expect at the end of this course?

    At the end of this course you will have a high confidence to manage the whole process from idea to a product market fit, and you will significantly increase the chance of your MVP to succeed.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    The course is designed with unlimited access with no expiration date. You can revisit your course any time!